Celebrate Inquiry

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Have a need for creed?    Millions don't.


Philosophy: Questions that may never be answered.

Theology: Answers that may never be questioned.

Politics and religion, “wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross,” receives more than its fair share of public celebration. The intent of this website is to celebrate those values and endeavors an open society must embrace if it is to be the sort of culture that the free, curious, and critical would want to live in and work for the survival (or thrival) of.


Celebrate Science


Popular Beliefs: Guess, then (if it feels good) believe it.


Science: Guess, then test.

Science is the ultimate baloney detector kit. Subject all claims about "what is" to the flames of an all-consuming doubt, see what's left, and tentatively call it "the truth," or the closest we mere humans can hope to come to it. Wanting "the truth" is the same as not wanting to be deceived, and science, our premier method of skeptical inquiry, is your ticket to avoiding the pitfalls to be encountered in your endeavor to think about the nature of the cosmos—and that includes you and your left foot.