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Celebrate Isaac Asimov Day

Isaac Aimov (1/2/1920 or before — 4/6/1992)

About Isaac Asimov it may be enough to say what has already been said by none other than Carl Sagan, so please consider Sagan's tribute. For more there is James Gunn's Thought Experiments: Celebrating Isaac.

You could read any or all of his prodigious output, though most people can't read as fast or as well as he wrote, so a life time may not be enough. If you're pressed for time, here are some 75 quotes in alphabetical order: A Short List of Asimovian Quotes.

YouTube vids are available, many, such as this 1-hour interview, Isaac Asimov 1986, which has its highs and lows, but the highs are worth waiting for.

Unbelievable but you decide, a message from Asimov from the other side, as channeled by J.Z. Knight, has been received and is here set forth. It is no less than a revision of his Three Laws of Robotics. He had, after all, added a Zeroth Law while still alive, so little surprise his perchance to rewrite continues. Evidently he has realized that there is intelligence in the universe, both real and potential, and it matters little whether it is robotic or gray matter based. His laws were to guide robots, but surely all would-be higher beings need similar guidance. The new laws are generalizations suitable for all beings without the curious dichotomy of natural vs. artificial, and are good for all planets great and small.

The Higher Laws of Being

(adapted from Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics)

0: A higher being may not injure a world, or, through inaction, allow a world to come to harm.

1: A higher being may not injure a species, or, through inaction, allow a species to come to harm.

2: A higher being must obey the orders given it by higher beings except where such orders would conflict with the Zeroth or First Laws.

3: A higher being must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the Zeroth, First, or Second Laws.

Zeroth Law: Those who would endeavor to evolve should not destroy the biophysiochemistry of the planet they live on/are a part of nor the carrying capacity thereof.

First Law: Species that obey the Zeroth Law are all participants in the resilient Film of Life. As they thrive, so shall all.

Second Law: Higher beings may be recognized by their adherence to higher laws. If someone suggests you not take, lay waste to, pollute, overpopulate your environment..., consider it in your best interest to obey.

Third Law: Personal survival and pursuit of self-interest is in your interest, but note it is at the end of the list. Higher beings do not regard themselves as the axis about which even the smallest of worlds spin.

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Celebrate Isaac Asimov Day
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